Netball is an international sport and played by two teams of seven players, based on throwing and catching. The object is to score goals from within a defined area by throwing a ball into a ring at one’s own end of the court.


Netball is played on a firm surface, both indoor and outdoor. The court is divided into three equal parts ─ a centre third and two goal thirds measuring 10.17m each.

Court dimensions

  • 30.5m long and 15.25m wide. The longer sides are called sidelines and the shorter sides are called goal lines
  • The court is divided into three thirds measuring 10.17m each
  • Centre circle is 0.9m in diameter in the centre of the court
  • Goal circle is a semi-circle 4.9m in radius and its centre is the mid-point of the goal line
  • Ceiling height — minimum of 8.3m
  • Line markings — all lines are part of the court and no more than 50mm wide
  • Gradient is one per cent cross fall in both direction


There is a minimum run-off space of 3.05m outside each sideline. Other recommended run-off spaces are as follows:

  • goal lines 3.05m
  • to wall/seating 3.05m
  • between courts 3.65m

 Netball court

Goal posts

  • Post height is 3.05m and placed at the midpoint of each goal line
  • Post diameter — standard 65mm. If padding is used on the goal post, it must not be more than 50mm thick and start at the base of the goal post and extend between 2m and 2.4m up the goal post
  • Ring is 380mm internal diameter and made of a 15mm steel rod fitted with a net clearly visible and open at both ends. The ring extends 150mm from the top of the goal post
  • Net is approximately 20mm steel mesh or white cotton mesh
  • Post fixing (internal) — there are no struts from ring to goal post. The post is inserted in a socket in the ground or supported by a metal base that does not project onto the court

Netball goal post specifications


In a netball game players move around the court in all directions and are required to look virtually in all directions, not only at eye level but also upwards. During play the ball may be thrown up to 8m high. The player must be able to follow the flight of the ball and actions of other players over the entire court area. Although the ball is large, action is fast and relatively high illuminances are required.

The minimum Australian Standard for indoor netball courts is 700 lux–800 lux. The minimum Australian Standard for outdoor netball courts is 100 lux for recreational or training level and 200 lux for competition level. Pole heights are from 8m to 12m.

Generally, a side lighting system is used for outdoor courts, whether they be in a single court or multi-court complex. Side lighting gives better control of spill light outside the playing area and is more economical for one or two courts. Corner lighting is not recommended because of unavoidable glare when shooting for goal.

Netball ─ NETTA

NETTA netball is the modified game of netball for 8–10 year old boys and girls. It is played on a standard netball court but the goal posts are 2.4m high. The players also use a smaller ball.


FUN NET is a play based motor skills program for 5–7 year olds. The emphasis is on the acquisition of basic motor skills, in a fun environment of games and activities. There is no organised competition structure and modified equipment is used.

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