Boxing is a sport in which two participants of similar weight fight each other with their fists in gloves in a series of one-to-three-minute intervals called ‘rounds’. The bout takes place in a roped area called a ring.

The ring

The minimum size is 4.9m² and the maximum size 6.10m² measured inside the line of the ropes. The ring is not less than 91cm or more than 1.22m above the ground or base. A minimum of 2m must be allowed for around the ring.Boxing ring

Platform and corner pads

The platform is level and extends for at least 46cm outside the line of the ropes. It is fitted with four padded corner posts as follows:

  • red — in the nearer left-side ring corner facing the President of the Jury
  • white — in the far left-side corner
  • blue — far right-side corner
  • white — near right corner.

Floor covering

The floor is covered with felt, rubber or other suitable approved material which covers the entire platform.


There are three ropes 3cm−5cm thick, tightly drawn from corner posts at 40cm, 80cm and 130cm high. For four ropes, they are 40.6cm, 71.1cm, 101.6cm and 132cm high. The ropes are covered in a soft or smooth material.


Recommended lux for recreation and training is 500 and for competition is 1000.

Layout of ropes in a boxing ring

Boxing ring ropes layout


Sport association details

Boxing WA Inc

Ellie Wright
5 Riggs Place Parmelia WA 6167
Mobile 0412 404 674


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