Badminton is an indoor racquet game played by one or two players opposing an equivalent number across a net.

Court dimensions

The court is a rectangle and can be used for both singles and doubles. The singles court is 13.4m x 5.18m (playing area = 69.41m² including boundary lines) and the doubles court is 13.4m x 6.1m (playing area = 81.74m² including boundary lines). The lines are 40mm wide and coloured white or yellow. It is desirable to have a wooden sprung floor together with approved non-slip court mats.

Space about court

It is recommended that there is at least 2.0m clear space surrounding all the outer lines of the courts. There is also a minimum requirement of 2.0m between any two courts marked out side by side.

Posts and nets

The net is 760mm in depth and a minimum of 6.1m wide. The top of the net from the surface of the court is 1.524m at the centre of the court and 1.55m over the sidelines for doubles. The top of the net shall be edged with a 75 mm white tape doubled over a cord or cable running through the tape. This tape shall rest upon the cord or cable.

Posts are 1.55m in height from the surface of the court. The posts or its supports shall not extend into the court. There shall be no gaps between the ends of the net and the posts. If necessary, the full depth of the net at the ends shall be tied to the posts.

Space over court

The minimum height from the floor over the full court for international competition is 12m. Club standard play is 9.14m. The required height is entirely free of all obstructions and light fittings over the area of the court.badminton court


Sport association details

Badminton Association of Western Australia Inc

Himanshu Thacker
Chief Executive Officer
PO Box 39 MADELEY WA 6065
Telephone 08 9409 4433


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