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Representing Western Australia is an honor in any sporting or recreational field.

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Guidelines and criteria

The State Sporting Association (SSA) will assess competitors using the criteria and guidelines listed below. The SSA will submit the list of eligible individuals to the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) consultant responsible for its sport.

The Government of Western Australia presents the State Representative Sports Award through the SSA. The Award includes a ‘Certificate of Congratulations' signed by the Minister for Sport and Recreation and a ‘Badge'.

The DSR consultant will return the certificates and badges to the SSA for presentation at its official awards ceremony. SSA's that have an official ceremony are encouraged to invite the local member for Parliament for the locality the awards are held in.

The Award is presented once only to individuals. Additional awards are not given for subsequent selections within the same sport.

Persons ‘eligible' for the award:

  • Only competitors 13 years of age and over selected in the State team
  • Officials (including umpires, referees and judges officiating at the national competitions)
  • Coaches, assistant coaches and managers of the state team(s)
  • Support athlete (pilot/guide runner for vision impaired athletes)

Persons ‘ineligible' for the award:

  • State representatives under 13 years of age
  • Assistant managers
  • Team mentors
  • Team technical advisers
  • School boy/girl team national competitors (restrictive competition)
  • School boy/girl team State representative teams (restrictive competition)
  • Athletes who nominate themselves and compete in the National Championships but are not part of the official State squad.

Eligible competitions

Competitors, officials and coaches who gain State selection to represent their sport at a national level of competition, are eligible to receive the award. Athletes must have undergone a State selection process based on performance.

Eligible competitions include:

  • National male/female open competition
  • National male/female junior competition
  • National male/female senior competition
  • National male/female veteran's competition

Awards are only available upon application by the SSA on behalf of the representatives.

For further information contact your DSR Sports Consultant

A directory of department sports consultants.

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