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Dimensions for Squash

Squash is an indoor racquet sport. The game is played by two players (or four players for doubles) with ‘standard’ raquets in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. The object of the game is to keep the ball in play while making it difficult for the opponent to do so.

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Dimensions of a singles squash court

A squash court is a rectangular box with four vertical walls of varying height. These are the front wall, side walls and back wall. It has a level floor and a clear height above the court area. Following are the dimensions of a standard squash court:

  • length of court between playing surfaces is 9.75m
  • width of court between playing surfaces is 6.4m
  • diagonal is 11.665m
  • height above floor to lower edge of front wall line is 4.57m
  • height above floor to lower edge of back wall line is 2.13m
  • height above floor to lower edge of service line on front wall is 1.780m
  • height above floor to upper edge of board is 4.8m
  • distance to nearest edge of short line from back wall is 4.26m
  • internal dimensions of service boxes is 1.600m
  • width of all lines and the board is 5cm
  • minimum clear height above the floor of the court is 5.640m


The court is lit by artificial light. The recommended standard is 500 lux, minimum standard is 300 lux and the television standard is 1200 lux. The lighting must be shadow-free and free from any stroboscopic effects. In courts with transparent walls, the level of illumination is the same on both sides of the wall.

Squash court

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