Sport and recreation builds stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities.

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School Camps

We aim to provide the best support for teachers coming on camp.

The 4th R

External provider forms

External Provider Forms provide useful information about each camp for all groups. Using the Department of Education’s excursion provider template, highlighted information includes excursion outcomes, camp environment, available programs, supervision and communication strategies and what to bring to camp.

External provider form

External provider forms provide useful information about the camp for all clients.

The 4th R

We aim to provide the best support for teachers coming on camp. The 4th R resource package aims to provide guidance for educators choosing DSR Recreation Camps programs. Program resource sheets can be found within this resource, which will assist you in choosing from the diverse range of programs we offer. Each program resource sheet provides important information regarding our programs, including their links to the Western Australian Curriculum Framework.




Word document logoCamp journals

Camp journals provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their experiences after they have participated in camp programs. Download the journal applicable to your year level and add or omit information as required.

Bickley Recreation Camp

Ern Halliday Recreation Camp

Point Walter Recreation Camp

Woodman Point


Observation checklistsObservation checklists

Recreation camps provide students with an opportunity to practise develop and demonstrate various skills and outcomes related to the Western Australian Curriculum Framework.

Observation checklists have been developed to assist teachers with the assessment of outcomes and to identify observable behaviours throughout the course of the camp. These checklists align to descriptions of expected standards developed by the Department of Education within interpersonal skills and self-management skills outcomes.


Other resources

The 4th R

We all know about the three ‘Rs’: Reading wRiting and aRithmetic, but I would like to propose a fourth ‘R’ that is equally as important to children’s development: Recreation.

Insurance details

Certificate of currency.

Risk management

A Risk Management Plan is about taking a pro-active approach to managing risk and staff will project an attitude to ensure users of the facilities have quality recreation experiences in safe surroundings.

DSR Camps weather policy

Weather impacts on events.

Working with Children Legislation

The department's position on Working with Children Legislation

Alcohol policy

The Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) seeks to promote, encourage and support strategies to minimise harm from alcohol and other drug use in the interests of the health and safety of those participating in sporting and recreational activities.

Participant code of behaviour

Participants who join the Department of Sport and Recreation holiday camps are required to demonstrate behaviours that support the growth of the individual and the achievement of team outcomes.

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