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Recreation bodies

Park and Leisure Australia, LIWA Aquatics, Outdoors WA, Recfishwest, Fitness Australia and Trails WA are the representative bodies for the recreation industry.

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Industry-representative organisations have an important and integral role to play in the long-term development, professional education and strategic positions of the recreation sector in Western Australia.

Unlike their sporting counterparts, recreation bodies do not draw on large membership bases built on competition, rather they seek to present the views of a largely unstructured, informal and diverse segment of the active community.

Physical activity via recreation pursuits has a profound and positive effect on our growing and complex society in term of creating a healthier population, contributing to a stronger economy and cultivating stronger communities. For these reasons (and based on the recent Recreation Strategic Reform Agenda), the Department of Sport and Recreation will continue to support and work collaboratively with representative organisations in the recreation sector. To assist this process, a dedicated consultant from the department's Recreation team has been assigned to each body. 

Fitness WA, Park and Leisure Australia, LIWA Aquatics, Outdoors WA and Trails WA are the current representative bodies that provide a range of services to progress the development of professional, community and infrastructural resources in their particular fields.

Fitness Australia

From 1 July 2008, Fitness Australia Limited began operating as a single entity representing the Australian Fitness Industry. Fitness WA Business Members and Registered Fitness Professionals will be serviced and managed by Fitness Australia. For all business, professional registration and renewal enquiries please contact:

Fitness Australia

nullMichael Fitzpatrick
nullRelationship Manager (WA)
nullAddress: Level 2, Suite 201, 90-96 Bourke Road ALEXANDRIA NSW 2015
nullPostal address: PO Box 6453SCP ALEXANDRIA NSW 2015
nullTelephone: 1300 211 311
nullFacsimile: 1300 734 613
nullEmail: info@fitness.org.au
nullWebsite: www.fitness.org.au

LIWA Aquatics

LIWA Aquatics is a voluntary body with a 45-year history in the aquatic recreation industry. The primary focus of the institute is to provide support and direction to the aquatic recreation sector at all levels.

LIWA - Aquatics

nullJeff Fondacaro
nullPresident LIWA Aquatics
nullPostal address: PO Box 726 HILLARYS WA 6025
nullTelephone: 08 9273 6080
nullMobile: 0415 232 096
nullEmail: info@liwaaquatics.org.au
nullWebsite: www.liwaaquatics.org.au

Outdoors WA 

Outdoors WA is committed to fostering the provision of safe, high quality outdoor programs in Western Australia. It represents people and organisations involved in campsites, camping, outdoor recreation, outdoor education, adventure and recreation camps in Western Australia. Members include teachers, commercial operators, community groups and individuals involved in the delivery of outdoor programs.

Outdoors WA

nullJamie Bennett
nullExecutive Officer
nullAddress: 7 Irvine Street BAYSWATER WA 6053
nullTelephone: 08 9468 0102
nullEmail: office@outdoorswa.org
nullWebsite: www.outdoorswa.org

Parks and Leisure Austalia 

Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA) provides Australian parks and leisure professionals with leadership, advocacy and direction in industry standards, training support and product innovation. 

Parks and Leisure Australia

nullLeith Fradd
nullExecutive Officer
nullPostal address: PO Box 1110 WEST LEEDERVILLE WA 6007
nullMobile: 0451 993 526
nullEmail: plawa@parksleisure.com.au
nullWebsite: www.parksleisure.com.au


Recfishwest is the recognised peak recreational fishing body. Recfishwest advocate at state and national levels to government, organisations and industry, the best interests of the Western Australian recreational fishing community.


nullYvette Guy
nullExecutive Officer
nullAddress: Suite 2, 45 Northside Drive, Hillarys WA 6025
nullPostal address: PO Box 34, NORTH BEACH WA 6920
nullTelephone: 9246 3366
nullEmail: yvette@recfishwest.org.au
nullWebsite: www.recfishwest.org.au

Trails WA

Trails WA is an independent body that has been developed to deliver the State Trails Implementation Plan and to implement projects identified by the trails industry.

Trails WA

nullLinda Daniels
nullProject Officer
nullTelephone: 9481 0551
nullEmail: linda@bibbulmuntrack.org.au
nullWebsite: http://www.toptrails.com.au/

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