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Recreation in Western Australia

Recreation in Western Australia can be defined as those non-competitive physical activities that take place for leisure purposes in our community.

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Recreation in Western Australia

Recreational cyclistsRecreation can be defined as those non-competitive physical activities that take place for leisure purposes in our community. It can be categorised into areas of aquatics, outdoor recreation and adventure, fitness, tracks and trails, and community recreation.

These are represented and support by their associated Recreation Representative Body.

Active recreation plays a vital role in our wellbeing and brings people together to create stronger communities. The department is leading various projects throughout the state in order to achieve this aim.

The department strives to improve the quality and level of recreation services in WA.  A healthy recreation sector provides maximum opportunities for the entire community, including people with disabilities, youth, the elderly and the disadvantaged, to participate in activities.

The Adventure Activity Standards (AAS) are a set of minimum standards for the conducting of group outdoor adventure activities in Western Australia.
Cycling is a popular physical activity which is suitable for people of all ages. It can be undertaken as a form of exercise or for transport.
Recently there has been an increase in popularity of recreational trail bike riders and a decrease in legal recreational riding areas due to land acquisitions and environmental issues.
Park and Leisure Australia, LIWA Aquatics, Outdoors WA, Recfishwest, Fitness Australia and Trails WA are the representative bodies for the recreation industry.
The Recreation Custodians are a group of representatives from organisations that support the recreation industry. The group was established in 2009 from the review of the Recreation Strategic Reform Agenda.
In 2005 the department committed resources to undertake an analysis of its services and programs for the recreation sector.
A list of relevant websites and research articles for information about some emerging trends and issues in recreation.


Girl swimming underwaterPhysical activity that involves water in an indoor or outdoor pool. Examples include swimming, diving and aqua aerobics.

Facts about swimming

Swimming is one of Western Australia’s most popular activities. It is suitable for most people and provides a range of health benefits.

Outdoor recreation and adventure

KayakersActivities that are undertaken outside, in areas predominantly with unmodified natural landscape and may require large areas of land, water and/or air. Examples include horse riding, jet skiing, kayaking (river and sea), trail bike riding, mountain bike riding, orienteering, scuba diving, abseiling, bushwalking and waterskiing.

Facts about active recreation

Physical or “active” recreation is a physical activity that a person voluntarily undertakes in their leisure time for the purpose of mental and/or physical satisfaction.


Group fitnessActivities undertaken specifically to ensure individuals are in good physical condition. Examples include weight resistance training, group fitness (aerobics) and boot camp.

Facts about physical activity

Being physically active is important for the health and wellbeing of Australians.

Recreation trails

Couple bushwalkingTrails connect people with places and provide a wonderful way to discoverWestern Australia’s unique landscapes and explore our heritage. You canhike in our national parks and see spectacular wildflowers, paddledownstream through the tranquil forest or head off on an exhilaratingmountain bike adventure.

Lotterywest and the Department of Sport and Recreation are offering a once-off Trails Grants round for not-for-profit organisations and local government authorities.
After years of planning, Western Australia now has an independent trails organisation – Trails WA.
Bull Creek resident Jim Baker was one of the guest speakers at a special breakfast in June held in recognition of the contribution volunteers make to sport and recreation.

Community recreation

Provision of recreation services in a variety of community settings. Examples include recreation centres, parks and other shared amenities, fun runs and charity walks.

Recreation Camps

The Department of Sport and Recreation provides four fantastic recreational camps situated around the greater Perth area.

The camps offer schools and organisations the ideal location for conferences, personal development, team building and participation in a safe and fun environment.

Outdoor Education Week aims to raise public awareness about the benefits of Outdoor Education.

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