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Project design brief

The preparation of a project design brief should occur once the need for the facility has been identified, and a feasibility study has been undertaken to ascertain the suitability and viability of the proposal. When the decision has been made to proceed with the development, a management plan and design brief should be prepared.

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Project design brief coverA design brief has been defined as:

“…a set of instructions from the client to the designer, outlining what the client expects the final product (facility) to provide. It can vary in length, content and form depending on the nature and complexity of the project. It is important to point out that the lack of well defined design briefs, as distinct from feasibility studies, has resulted in many mismatches between intent and outcome.”


A building committee/project control group should be established to prepare the design brief.

Collectively, members of this group should have:

  • project management skills;
  • an understanding of the design and construction process;
  • expertise in facility / venue management;
  • a knowledge of the local culture and of local community processes.
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