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History of Point Walter

Point Walter began as a migrant camp and has changed into the picturesque recreation camp it is today.


Point Walter Recreation and Conference Centre was first established as a migrant camp in 1948 as a "gateway to a new life".


In 1972 it was used by the Education Department and home to the Graylands Teachers College.


It was taken over by the Ministry for Youth, Sport and Recreation in 1980 and run as a recreation camp.  In 1986 the remaining migrant hostel buildings were demolished in a re-development of the facility.


Officially being rebuilt by the Ministry, it was officially opened on September 26, 1986, first hosting the members of the Costa Smerelda Yacht Club who were the Italian syndicate which challenged for the America's Cup held in Fremantle.

The facility was used to stage youth leadership courses, sport and fitness seminars, live-in educational conferences and other community based programs. Today the facility still plays an important role in improving educational and recreational outcomes for young people.


Camp Site

A further refurbishment of the centre in 2005 funded through the Department of Sport and Recreation Camps Capital Works Program, provided for the construction of an additional accommodation dormitory, dining rooms, new day area changerooms and ablutions as well as significant upgrades to existing amenities.

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