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Organisational development

Good governance practices are essential for any organisation to be able to function effectively.

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The Department of Sport and Recreation is committed to working with sport and active recreation organisations to develop and pursue a philosophy of good governance and continuous improvement.

The Department works with organisations to achieve best-practice governance, management and human resource structures, and the processes required to create a high-performing organisation.

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The document Governance Principles – A good practice guide for sporting organisations was created to assist members of boards, chief executive officers and managers of sporting organisations to develop, implement and maintain a robust system of governance to suit the particular circumstances of their sport.

It is important for new Board members to know about the workings of the association and their responsibilities as a committee member. It is good practice to provide a structured, comprehensive and practical orientation to the activities, policies and structure of the association.

Under common law, Governing Committee Members/Board members have a responsibility to act honestly, exercise reasonable care and skill and understand their fiduciary duties whilst performing their necessary tasks on behalf of the organisation. These documents will provide you with an understanding of the role of the Board, appropriate conduct and avoiding conflict of interests.

It is important that both the Board as a whole and individual directors take the time to review their performance.

Organisations must accept that it is inevitable that it will encounter risk, the aim of ‘Risk management’ is for the board and the Chief Executive Officer to ensure that the risks faced do not result in significant loss or harm to the organisation.

Boards need to make decisions based on thorough research rather than gut feel and all decisions should be analysed fully against the risks to the organisation. Boards need to make sure that the worst case scenario has been evaluated and can be mitigated / managed by the organisation.

A marketing plan assists you to integrate your total marketing effort. It ensures a systematic approach to developing products and services to meet and satisfy your customers’ needs.

This guide contains a series of practical tools to assist with the development of an Asset Management Plan for a facility.

Contact details for organisation development

nullJacqui Jashari
nullTeam Leader - Organisational Development
null246 Vincent Street, LEEDERVILLE WA 6007
nullPO Box 329, LEEDERVILLE WA 6903
nullTelephone (08) 9492 9760
nullFacsimile (08) 9492 9711
nullEmail Jacqui

nullSteven Rose
nullProject Officer - Organisational Development
null246 Vincent Street, LEEDERVILLE WA 6007
nullPO Box 329, LEEDERVILLE WA 6903
nullTelephone (08) 9492 9852
nullFacsimile (08) 9492 9711
nullEmail Steven

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