Officiating General Principles

Provides an NOAS-accredited course incorporating the general principles of officiating at both the beginner and advanced levels.

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Advanced Officiating Course: Module 3

Wednesday 01 October 2014


Provides an NOAS-accredited course incorporating the general principles of officiating at an advanced level.

The Officiating General Principles course has recently been reviewed and split into introductory and advanced levels. These courses need tobe completed in conjunction with each sport's sport-specific course togain accreditation in that sport.

The officiating courses equip the official with appropriate generalprinciples skills and the confidence to officiate at the introductorylevel of sport. The advanced course provides the official anopportunity to improve these skills and assist with completion of theirsport-specific courses.

In partnership with Central TAFE, the Department of Sport and Recreation delivers the Officiating General Principles Courses regularly throughout the year at a subsidised cost whichincludes the relevant resource manual.

The courses consist of the following modules:

Introductory General Principles Course

  1. Introductory Self Management
  2. Introductory Managing the Competition Environment
  3. Introductory People Management

Advanced General Principles Course

  1. Advanced Self Management
  2. Advanced Managing the Competition Environment
  3. Advanced People Management

On-line introductory officiating general principles course

Online course for officials.

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