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Officiating in Western Australia

Western Australia is considered a leader in the field in the development and promotion of sports officials. The Department of Sport and Recreation coordinates a number of programs designed to help recruit, train, retain and recognise sports officials in Western Australia.

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Officiating in Sport and Recreation

OfficialWestern Australia is considered a leader in the development and promotion of sports officials. The Department of Sport and Recreation coordinates a number of programs, workshops, accredited courses and scholarships to provide ongoing support and development for officials.

Officials are an essential part of sport. They should be given an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to sport by learning new skills through education, training and mentoring. It is important to create a respectful, appreciative and supportive environment for everyone participating, including spectators.

Who are officials?

An official is any person who controls the actual play of a competition by the application of the rules and laws of the sport to make judgements on the rule infringements, performance, time or score.

Why do we need officials?

To ensure the spirit of the game/event is observed and enjoyed by all.

Benefits of being an official

  • Enjoyment and satisfaction.
  • Career path.
  • Development to elite level.
  • Potential for financial rewards.
  • Personal development.
  • Fitness and health.
  • Social interaction.
  • Opportunity to travel.
  • Opportunity for parents or partners to be involved in sport.

Officials require the following skills

  • Decision-making.
  • Interpersonal communications.
  • People management.
  • Knowledge of the rules.
  • Understanding of the game.
  • Appropriate level of fitness.
  • Sense of humour.
  • Courage and confidence.


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The Australian Sports Commission offers a wide variety of training programs and resources to assist officials to develop in their role. Many of these are facilitated by the Department of Sport and Recreation. For further information on the National Official Accreditation Scheme and the Australian Sports Commission please check their website.

informationMore information on Australian Sports Commission Officials webpage

Sports Accreditation Online is the Australian Sports Commission’s (ASC) online information management system for national sporting organisations and currently accredited coaches and officials. Access is available to all currently accredited coaches and officials as long as your details have been provided to the ASC by your sport. To view details and gain access to Sports Accreditation Online please check the ASC website.

informationMore information on Sports Accreditation Online

Training and Events

The Department of Sport and Recreation is committed to raising the profile, expertise and experience of officials in Western Australia. Professional development opportunities for officials are the cornerstone of this process. We have a comprehensive program to provide accredited training and professional development opportunities for officials at the community level through to the elite.

Provides an NOAS-accredited course incorporating the general principles of officiating at both the beginner and advanced levels.

informationMore information on Officiating General Principles

The quality of education for coaches and officials relies on trained presenters, assessors and mentors to deliver, assess and develop coaches and officials.

informationMore information on Presenter, Assessor and Mentor Training

Throughout the year DSR conducts several workshop, breakfasts and other professional development opportunities for the Sport and Recreation industry.

informationMore information on Workshops and other events

Funding, Scholarships and Programs

The Local Sporting Champions program is an Australian Government initiative designed to provide financial assistance for juniors towards the cost of travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment when competing, coaching or officiating at an official national sporting organisation (NSO) endorsed state or national competition.

informationMore information on Local Sporting Champions Program – Juniors

Becoming a sports official?

All you need is an interest in sport and a willingness to be involved. If you would like more information about becoming an official in your sport contact your State Sporting Association or the Department of Sport and Recreation.

Tools and Tips

Tools and tips

The Department of Sport and Recreation have loads of information sheets and booklets available for coaches and officials on their website, along with links to the Australian Sports Commission website and other relevant sites.

This information sheet helps you to inspire people to become officials and how to keep them.

informationMore information on Recruitment and retention of officials

Harassment is defined as offensive, abusive, belittling or threatening behaviour directed at a person or persons because of a particular characteristic of that person on persons. The behaviour must be unwelcome and of a nature that a reasonable person would recognise as unwelcome.

informationMore information on Harassment of officials

A tribunal is a forum for dispute resolution. An athlete appearing before a tribunal must receive natural justice.

informationMore information on What is a tribunal?

The duty of the sports official is to act as an impartial judge of sporting competition. This duty carries with it an obligation for the official to perform with accuracy, consistency, objectivity and the highest sense of integrity.

informationMore information on Officials' code of ethics

Coaches and officials are the lifeblood of Australian sport, they contribute their valuable time, effort and expertise to help participants enjoy their sport and develop their skills.

informationMore information on Thanks, Coach/Thanks, Official Campaign

Play By the Rules - making sport inclusive, safe and fair.

Play by the Rules

Play by the Rules provides information and online learning about how to prevent and deal with discrimination, harassment and child abuse for the sport and recreation industry.

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