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DSR logo for recognition

Some organisations are required to include the Sport and Recreation logo and acknowledgement in promotional material.

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Department of Sport and Recreation and Lotterywest logo

The Department of Sport and Recreation and Lotterywest provide significant funding for sport in Western Australia through the Sports Lottery Account.

We have developed this guide to help our grant recipients to acknowledge the source of their funding.

We are proud of our logos and naturally want to make sure whenever they’re used, they’re used properly.

To help you we have provided our joint logos positioned together. The logos should be used on letterhead, displays, signage and in other appropriate places. This will allow the wider community to appreciate the source of your funding and will reduce the risk of our logos being reproduced inconsistently.

Logo request form

If you require an alternative format, please submit an email to request a file. Please ensure that you include additional information about your intended use of our logo (e.g., publication name, event details).

Please provide the following details: name, organisation, telephone number, logo reproduction method (professional (used by printers, graphic designer etc) in-house (e.g. for use in a word processor) or on-screen (presentation or website), colour or mono (black and white).Please provide brief description of purpose including any departmental funding program associated with your initiative.

Communications enquiry

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