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Hot topics in sport and recreation

Issues affecting the sport and recreation industry.

All children should have the opportunity to participate in child-safe environments and be free to take part in sport and recreation without exposure to the risk of child abuse.
How climate change is affecting sport and recreation now and in the future.
The Western Australian Government has stated that drug cheats operate well outside the spirit of competition that Western Australians have come to accept.
Event order under the Major Events (Aerial Advertising) Act 2009
Everyone has the right to participate in a sport and recreation environment that is fun, safe and healthy and to be treated with respect, dignity and fairness.
It has been twenty-one years since a dedicated review was undertaken of country sport and recreation in Western Australia. In that period there has been rapid change across Western Australia's social, economic and environmental contexts.
A review of recreation in drinking water catchments in South Western Australia.
Any form of violent behaviour outside the rules of a sport or recreational activity should not be condoned. Organisations need to clearly articulate their stance on violent behaviour.
The Department supports initiatives that aim to minimise the risk of children being harmed within the sport and recreation industry.

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