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Holiday camps and programs

The department offers unique recreational experiences during school holiday periods.

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Recreation camp holiday program

Holiday camps

There are no scheduled holiday camps.

Program activities

Program activities will vary depending on the camp location, age, experience and ability of the children.

Some of the programs that may be undertaken whilst at our camps include: rafting, canoeing, high and low ropes, caving, flying fox, lost pilot, archery, fishing, climbing wall, team building, crate climb etc.

Program activities are dependant on weather conditions. Program staff have the right to change and alter programs on the day, without notification.

Age groups

Our school holiday programs are offered to Year 4 (9 year olds) to Year 10 (15 year olds).

Special medical requirements

Our staff are experienced in recording and supervising participants who need to self administer or need assistance with medications.
Please ensure that the Medical Forms are completed, signed and returned with your program application.


The department reserves the right to cancel a holiday camp or program/s if minimum numbers are not met. Every effort will be made to give reasonable notice to those who have enrolled when a holiday program is cancelled. Those enrolled will be given a full refund.


  1. If a request for a refund is made within seven (7) working days of the holiday program commencement, no refund of holiday program fees will be given (including GST).
  2. If a request for a refund is made (and a written request received) seven (7) working days or more prior to the holiday program commencement, a refund will be given less a 20% administration fee of the total holiday program fee (including GST).
  3. Refunds will not be given for partial attendance.
  4. Refunds will be paid at the completion of the holiday program.

Participant behaviour

All participants are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the Participant Code of Behaviour. Failure to do so will result in the parent/guardian being contacted to take the child home. Children sent home for poor behaviour will not receive a refund.

DSR Camps does not accept participants who have demonstrated poor behaviour on prior holiday programs.

Parent/guardian responsibilities

Prior to holiday programs commencing we ask that parents/guardians notify the camp staff if any information on your child's application changes in any way eg: emergency contact, telephone numbers or medical conditions.


The department does not organise transport to and from these programs. If you are organising this booking through another agency please make contact with them. Please ensure that you confirm arrival and departure times for each program. Children may become distressed if they feel they have been left behind.


Our holiday program participants will be staying in one of our recreation camps dormitory-style accommodation areas or our tent style camping areas.

Meals and diet

Our camps are serviced by Accolade Catering who prepare all meals on site by qualified chefs and experienced staff.

Special dietary requirements can be catered for if requested prior to attending the program.

Children and homesickness

Our holiday program staff are with the children for the entire program and on occasions deal with homesickness. Assurance from our staff is sometimes all that is needed. In the majority of the cases the children are kept so busy they don't have time to get homesick.

Emergency contact at camp

There will be a camp mobile phone associated with each holiday program. In the case of an emergency this phone can be contacted directly, 24 hours a day.
Regular calls should be directed to the individual camp office during business hours (8.00am-6.00pm).

What to bring

Your child will need to bring: Sleeping bag, sheets, pillow case, hat, drink bottle, toiletries and enough clothing for the duration of the program. A Gear List will be forwarded to each participant on acceptance into each program.


Please do not bring along to camp: mobile phones, electronic devices (e.g. music players and portable gaming devices).
Money is not required on camp and is therefore discouraged.


School Holiday program prices include accommodation, all meals, onsite-activities, organised incursions/excursions and travel to excursions.

People with disabilities

The WA Department of Sport and Recreation encourages and supports equal participation in our programs for all members of the community, including equal access to our facilities and services.

The camps at the Department of Sport and Recreation, which provide programs, services and accommodation to the entire Western Australian community are supportive of the Companion Card.

We can cater to varying levels of physical and intellectual functional ability because it's our priority to ensure our participants gain a valuable experience on our programs.

The department ensures this through:

  • Covering the cost of the carers' accommodation while accompanying a child with a disability.
  • Wherever possible activities will be altered to ensure that people with disabilities are included. If a person with a disability is not able to participate in an activity they will be offered alternative activities.
  • Catering to special dietary requirements.

Please discuss participants requirements with our holiday camp staff prior to attending.

Holiday program staff

All school holiday programs are run by qualified instructors. All our staff have current and up to date Senior First Aid Qualifications, Police Clearances and Working with Children Checks.

If our staff are required to run technical programs such as abseiling or climbing then current industry standards in terms of qualifications will also be adhered to.

There will be both male and female staff in attendance at each holiday program.

Talent release forms

In order for photographs of your child to be taken and used in an end of camp presentation and possible future promotional materials we require the talent release form to be filled out and signed.

The completed forms should be returned with your holiday program application forms.

Survey forms

On completion of the camp your child will be issued with a survey form. It would be appreciated if these could be completed and forwarded back to us in the supplied reply paid envelope. Feedback from parents and participants assists us with the development of future holiday camps.

How do I make a booking?

To make a booking complete the application forms and forward to:

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