SilverSport providers

Clubs, community organisations, businesses and recreation centres delivering sport or active recreation can apply to become a recognised SilverSport provider through a local government involved in the pilot.

Why become a SilverSport provider?

  • Engage new and diverse people in your activity.
  • Increase your membership and client base.
  • Free promotion through local governments.
  • Build a relationship with your local government and your community.
  • Opportunities to engage new volunteers and support.

Eligibility criteria

SilverSport providers must:

  • Deliver sport or active recreation as their core activity/intent of their service.
  • Charge a membership or program fee for a minimum of four regular sessions or classes (not once off activities).

Not-for-profit clubs, community groups or local governments delivering sport and active recreation must:

  • Have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) or submit a Statement by Supplier Not Quoting an ABN Form from the Australian Taxation Office
  • Be covered by a current Public Liability Insurance policy.

All businesses delivering sport and active recreation must:

  • Have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Hold a current Public Liability Insurance policy.

Important information

  • SilverSport providers must register with the relevant participating local government and provide information on activities delivered and membership fee structure.
  • SilverSport providers must be based and operate within Western Australia.
  • SilverSport providers cannot deliver services as part of the SilverSport program unless they have been approved by a participating local government.
  • It is the responsibility of the SilverSport provider to ensure that all coaches and instructors delivering sport and active recreation are adequately qualified.
  • The Department of Sport and Recreation encourages all organisations to be incorporated and all sport and active recreation clubs to be affiliated with their State or Regional Sporting Association.

Registration process

  1. If you want to be involved in the SilverSport program as a registered SilverSport provider please complete the relevant SilverSport provider registration form and submit it to the relevant local government/s.
  2. The local government will advise if you have been approved.
  3. If approved, all registered SilverSport providers will be promoted through the local government.
Seniors canoeing on the Swan River in Belmont

Physical activity and seniors

SilverSport supports seniors to increase their physical activity through sport and active recreation. All SilverSport Providers working with older Australians are encouraged to consider the following information when delivering sport and active recreation activities.

Physical Activity Recommendations

Department of Health's Physical Activity Recommendations for older Australians:

  1. Older people should do some form of physical activity, no matter what their age, weight, health problems or abilities.
  2. Older people should be active every day in as many ways as possible, doing a range of physical activities that incorporate fitness, strength, balance and flexibility.
  3. Older people should accumulate at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most, preferably all, days.
  4. Older people who have stopped physical activity or who are starting a new physical activity should start at a level that is easily manageable and gradually build up the recommended amount, type and frequency of activity.
  5. Older people who continue to enjoy a lifetime of vigorous physical activity should carry on doing so in a manner suited to their capability into later life, provided recommended safety procedures and guidelines are adhered to.

Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation offers useful resources and tools for health professionals promoting physical activity in patients with cardiovascular disease and considerations for heart health.

Injury Control Council of WA

The Stay On Your Feet program promotes the importance of older adults moving their body, improving their health and removing hazards to prevent slips, trips and falls. Information will assist in reducing the risk of falls amongst older adults living in the community.

More information

For more information on the SilverSport program please contact Sport and Recreation (WA).

Sport and Recreation (WA)
Telephone 08 9492 9700
Email SilverSport Team