Apply for KidSport

Children are eligible for KidSport if they are aged 5–18 years and have a health care or pension concession card.

Please follow these steps in order to receive a KidSport voucher: 

  1. Complete the voucher and submit it to your local government to be validated. (Remember to include a copy of your Health Care Card or Pension Concession Card or have the Referral agent details section completed).
  2. The local government office will validate the voucher and return it to you.
  3. Submit the voucher to your local club when registering – and enjoy your experience.
  4. The club will invoice the local government for the cost of fees up to $200 per child.


Referral Agent information

Children can be referred to the program through an identified referral agent such as school teachers, doctors, police, social workers or local area coordinators. 

Referral agents can assist with the identification of eligible children who can benefit from KidSport. They can also assist with the completion of application forms and their lodgement with local governments on behalf of parents.

If you wish to refer children to the program you will need to be recognised as a referral agent by completing the below form and contacting the local government the child is applying to.

School teachers can also assist with identification of suitable clubs and sport or recreation activities for children to be involved in. It is important that parents/guardians sign the KidSport application form before lodgement with the local government. Schools can obtain KidSport application forms for their students from participating local governments.

More information

KidSport Application

Referral Agent Registration


Email the KidSport Team
Telephone: 08 9492 9700