Annual application process

Application process for CSRFF annual grants.


  • Advertisements in newspaper
  • Application forms available from local government authorities (metropolitan area only) and the Department's regional offices


  • Mid to end August closing date (check with your local government authority (LGA) for local closing date which may be prior to August)
  • Applications lodged at LGA by the last working day in August, or sooner if required by your LGA.


  • Applications are assessed by LGA staff and recommendations prepared
  • Applications presented at LGA council meeting
  • Applications lodged at the Department's offices by 4pm, 30 September


  • Applications assessed by regional managers and forwarded to facilities consultant – CSRFF by the last working day in October


  • Applications assessed by State Sporting Associations and facilities consultant – CSRFF
  • CSRFF advisory committee considers applications and makes recommendations


  • Hon. Minister considers recommendations and gives approvals
  • Successful/unsuccessful applicants notified.