CSRFF annual grants

$66,667 – $166,666 will be allocated to projects with a planning and construction process that will be complete within 12 months. The total project cost for annual grants is between $200,001 – $500,000. Grants given in this category must be claimed in the financial year following the date of approval.

Examples of annual projects:

  • upgrades to clubrooms/pavilions
  • upgrade to swimming pool
  • large floodlighting project
  • court or bowling green construction
  • reticulation system for a grassed playing field.
Maximum grants for annual grants may increase to 50% funding if a development bonus is approved.

CSRFF annual grants case studies

Case studies of successful CSRFF annual grants help show the breakdown of funding and can assist in preparing your application.

Application process and timelines

The CSRFF annual grants has one round each year. The grants are advertised and open in June and successful applicants are notified December/January each year. Find out about the CSRFF annual grants application process.

Successful grants

A list of the successful CSRFF annual grants highlight where facilities have been funded throughout Western Australia.

More information

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