Community Sporting Club Equipment Subsidy guidelines

Guidelines for the new Sporting Club Equipment Subsidy.

What is the Community Sporting Club Equipment Subsidy?

The Community Sporting Club Equipment Subsidy (CSCES) provides funding to community sporting clubs for the purchase of shared sporting equipment for training and competition purposes. A subsidy of $500 will be made available to eligible clubs.

Clubs who have received funding in previous calendar years can apply this round.  Clubs who received funding in a previous round in 2016 are not eligible to apply. 

The CSCES is part of the State Government’s Supporting Community Sport Initiative, funded by the Royalties for Regions Program and the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR).

Why is the Western Australian State Government providing subsidy funding?

The Western Australian Government recognises the valuable role that sporting clubs play in communities across the State.  Government also recognised that resources at sporting clubs are under pressure, with population growth increasing demand for equipment as well as the cost to supply the required equipment each year. This subsidy will assist clubs to provide the equipment they need to keep pace with growing demand.

What is the eligibility criteria?

Applications can be submitted by community sporting clubs that:

  • Have as their core business the delivery of sports, as deemed eligible by DSR
  • Participate in or conduct fixtured community based sporting competitions
  • Are incorporated, not-for-profit entity
  • Have an ABN
  • Be registered or eligible to be registered for GST.

What organisations are not eligible?

Funding will not be provided to the following organisations:

  • Schools
  • School-based clubs participating in school competitions
  • University clubs participating in university competitions
  • Regional or District Sporting Associations that comprise of member or affiliated clubs
  • Sportsman’s associations
  • Recreation centres
  • Commercial clubs/sole traders
  • Social groups

What can the subsidy be used for?

The subsidy must be used to purchase shared sporting equipment that is accessible to all club members for training or competition purposes.

Examples include:

  • Balls
  • Bats/racquets
  • Markers
  • Bibs
  • Portable goals
  • Kickboards
  • Protective gear
  • Safety Equipment
  • Team uniforms
  • First Aid Equipment
  • Shade tents

What will not be funded?

The subsidy cannot be used for the following:

  • Computer hardware or software
  • Sound or audio-visual equipment
  • Chairs, tables, barbeques, furniture items etc.
  • Stationery
  • Services (e.g. line marking, equipment repair)
  • Personal equipment or personal uniforms.

What is the application process?

  • Applicants should read the application guidelines before commencing the application process.
  • Applicants should direct any initial enquiries to their local DSR office or via the equipment subsidy email address (see next page for contact details).
  • Applications must be submitted using the online application form and all sections must be completed.
  • In submitting the application, the authorised club representative makes a commitment to DSR to comply with the Terms and Conditions applicable to CSCES.
  • Clubs reapplying will be given preference based on the time lapsed since previous funding.
  • If successful, subsidies will be paid electronically to the club.
  • All applications must be lodged with DSR by midnight on the published closing date. No late applications will be accepted.

How will applications be assessed?

Statewide assessment

  • DSR will assess applications based on the selection criteria i.e: your club must have an ABN and an Incorporation number; the type of equipment you intend to purchase; and when your club last received the club equipment funding.
  • Each round has been allocated a subsidy quota (based on the allocated budget). Once this quota has been reached by eligible clubs (determined by application date), no further subsidies for that round will be approved. Eligible clubs that fall outside the quota (based on date of application) will be invited to resubmit their application in the next round.
  • The assessment decision is final and no appeal regarding a decision will be entered into.


  • The process and assessment period of applications takes approximately 4-6 weeks after the closing date of the scheme.
  • All clubs will be advised of the outcome of their applications approximately 4-6 weeks after the closing date of the scheme.

Conditions that apply to applications and funding

Applicants must read and agree to the Community Sporting Club Equipment Subsidy Scheme Terms and Conditions in the online application form before submitting an application. The Department reserves the right to randomly audit successful clubs as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.


For further information or assistance, please contact your local DSR office:

All Offices

Or use the DSR equipment subsidy enquiry email address:

Note: enquiries made via the email address will be responded to during office hours only.


What is the application process for this year?

Applications must be submitted using the online application form. If an eligible club misses out on a subsidy in a given round, there is the opportunity to re-apply in a subsequent round.  Applications must be lodged by the required lodgement time and date. Applications that do not meet the required lodgement deadline for a particular round will not be considered.

When are payments made for successful applicants?

Payments are made to the nominated bank account stated within the application form, via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) after the round has closed and all applications have been processed. A remittance advice will be emailed to the application contact once payment has been made.

How many times can a club apply for a subsidy?

Clubs are eligible to apply once per calendar year for a $500 subsidy (e.g. if you received funding for the previous round in 2016 you will not be deemed eligible this round). 

Can my club spend more than $500 on eligible equipment?

At their own discretion, clubs can spend more than $500 on eligible equipment with additional costs to be met at the club’s expense. The subsidy amount of $500 is available once per calendar year.

Is my club required to obtain quotes in order to apply for a subsidy?

Clubs are not required to obtain quotes as part of the application process. However, if your club is requested by the Department to provide receipts or invoices for expenses/purchases relating to this subsidy, your club will be required to provide these within 10 business days of the request.

Where can I find out if my club is incorporated?

Incorporation status can be checked online at the Department of Commerce AssociationsOnline or by calling 9282 0764 or 1300 30 40 74 (for country callers).

How can my club become incorporated?

Not-for-profit, sporting clubs can apply for incorporation at the Department of Commerce AssociationsOnline or by calling 9282 0764 or 1300 30 40 74 (for country callers).

Many social, sporting and community groups can incorporate under the Associations Incorporations Act. The Act provides a cheap, simple way of establishing a legal entity that has the capacity to function in its own right.

Where can I find out if my club has an Australian Business Number (ABN)?

ABN status can be checked online at ABN Lookup.

Why do I need an ABN?

Organisations must have an ABN to be a part of the GST system. However, organisations with an annual turnover less than $150,000 per annum are not required to register for GST. They still need to apply for an ABN for dealings with government and other agencies.

The point of an ABN is that the Australian Taxation Office GST ruling requires the grant or subsidy recipient to have an ABN and be registered or eligible to be registered for GST.

How does my club obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN)?

Clubs can register for an Australian Business Number (ABN) through the Australian Government by visiting Register for an ABN.

An ABN is a unique 11 digit number that businesses use when dealing with other businesses and government. Registering for an ABN is not compulsory, but clubs will need one to register for the GST and it is a requirement to apply for this subsidy.

Does my club need to be registered for GST?

If your not-for-profit sporting club has an annual turnover of less than $150,000, your club is NOT required to be registered for GST.

If your clubs annual turnover is more than $150,000 you need to register for GST through the Australian Government by visiting  Register for GST or calling 1300 720 092.

Clubs will need an Australian Business Number (ABN) to register for GST, as the ABN is part of the GST system. A clubs ABN will also be your GST registration number.