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Recreation facilities at Ern Halliday

Recreation facilities at Ern Halliday including the Cave, sports courts, beach and pathways.

Indoor stadium

StadiumOur indoor stadium is the activity hub of the camp. Located alongside the Morup Recreation Oval and the outdoor basketball and netball courts, the stadium is used by guests and is also the home of many of our exciting Adventure Recreation Programs.

The stadium has a full-sized basketball and netball court, and has its own ablution facilities. There are three large roller doors on the side of the stadium, which can be opened to link the inside to the sights and sounds (and breezes) from the Morup Recreation Oval. Ern Halliday run programs such as crate climb, indoor climbing wall, big swing (giant pendulum swing), indoor team games, icebreaker games, rope ascending, vertical ascent and Jacob’s ladder, inside the stadium. This equipment can only be used under qualified supervision by camp staff and while taking part in our structured recreation programs.  Book directly through the camp on 9492 9788.

Indoor the stadiumAccommodation guests can book the stadium (for basketball, meeting, indoor games, etc.) for a maximum of one two-hour block each day. Guests have to reserve these blocks ahead of their stay by contacting the camp 9492 9788. The timing of these blocks are also subject to change in the event that another group books a camp-run recreation program that requires the use of program equipment based at the stadium. In these cases, camp staff will try to accommodate the needs of any group who has requested use of the stadium.

In general, use of the stadium for accommodation groups at set times is not guaranteed. The stadium is a multi-use and multi-user facility, and is an asset that all accommodation groups should be able to access. For these reasons, exclusive booking of the stadium by any group (e.g. one day or multi-day booking) is generally not permitted.

The stadium is not available for hire by external groups (e.g. basketball team training, weekly karate sessions, etc). Registered and approved providers of adventure activities or other adventure training organisations may hire the stadium to make use of the adventure recreation equipment. These bookings are subject to a daily hire-rate if available. These bookings are to be made through the camp manager on 9492 9788.

Adventure Tower

Adventure towerThe Ern Halliday Adventure Tower is one of the most recognisable facilities at the camp. Visible from Whitfords Avenue, the Adventure tower is on of the most used towers of its kind in Western Australia.

Constructed in 1999, the Adventure Tower is used for abseiling, rock climbing, cargo net and the popular flying fox. There is a beginner’s abseil platform at 5m which allows for two lines of abseiling at any time. At the 5m level is the start of the flying fox. We have two lines on our flying fox, and the height of the cable is 8m. For the more adventurous, the top of the tower is 10m from the ground, and groups of an appropriate age may take part in the 10m flat-wall or 10m overhang abseil. The outdoor climbing holds also reach the 10m overhang height and the view from the 10m platform at sunset has to be seen.

Due to Western Australian Adventure Activity Standards and our own insurance requirements, all use of the tower must be in the form of a formal camp-led program, conducted by one of our qualified instructors.

Phone book icon To book a Recreation Program at the camp, call the camp on 9492 9788.   

Morup Recreation Oval

Kite makers on Morup Recreation OvalAt the centre of the camp is the large Morup Recreation Oval. Named after Steve Morup, our Accommodation Officer and on-site resident for 30 years, this oval is a focal point for all groups who stay at the camp.

With a length of 170m, the oval is about the size of an Australian Rules Football (AFL) field. The oval contains a set of cricket nets at the southern end, a pavilion which is home to our Archery program, a Volleyball net, a soccer goal and one set of AFL goal posts.

The turf is not perfect like Subiaco Oval, but most of the groups who use the oval are very happy with the surface. Therefore, the oval may not be suitable for elite sporting groups who wish to train at a high level on a perfectly-even ground.

At the end of the oval is our indoor stadium and outdoor basketball and netball courts.


The CaveA unique feature of Ern Halliday camp is our underground caving system, consiting of more than 280m of crawlspaces and tunnels.

Starting in the Lake area, the cave consists of a practice tunnel area, a Hobbit’s door entrance, 200m of underground tunnels of various widths, escape hatches, and some adventurous ramp tunnels and mazes inside two 12m (40ft) sea containers stacked 8m high.

To venture into the cave, you need to make a booking directly through the camp. All groups are led by qualified instructors, trained specifically for the caving system.

Outside basketball and netball courts

Located next to our stadium and accessible via the Morup Recreation Oval or the internal access road, the outside courts provide a large open bitumen space for any group to use. There are two full-size basketball and netball courts next to each other, with interchangeable swing goals which can be changed easily between basketball and netball goals.

Basketball and netball courtsThe courts have lights for night use. Ask our camp staff for directions on how to turn on the lights. To guarantee use of the courts at a particular time, bookings of two hour blocks per day can be made for any accommodation guests at the site.

The beach

Yes, we even supply our guests with a beach.

The Hillarys Beach is a quiet stretch of coast, with waters that are protected from major swell by a reef line about 1km from shore. Ern Halliday has a sand track that starts next to our Cardinal Meeting Hall, exits the camp through a pedestrian gate, and continues Hillarys beachthrough a tunnel under Whitfords Avenue to the beach. All up, the distance from the Cardinal Meeting Hall to the water is about 150m, and the fantastic feature of this path for any concerned camp leader, is that the tunnel allows groups to access the beach without having to cross any roads.

Groups should be aware of their own duty of care in relation to water-based activity. Further guidance can be provided by staff at the camp, and camp instructors can be hired for group water supervision.

Phone book icon Contact the camp directly for further information on 9492 9788.

The beach is also good for a group walk. Just 950m south of the beach entry from the camp is the north wall of Hillarys Marina and Boat Harbour. North of the camp beach entry is a dog and horse beach. Please be aware of this if you intend walking north from the beach access point. Normally the horses are only there in the very early morning, and dog walking “peak hour” is early morning and late afternoon (before and after normal business hours) and weekends.

Coastal dual-use bike path

Dual-use pathwayExtending many kilometres either direction along the coast from Ern Halliday, the local dual-use bike path is a good way of exploring to sunset coast. There are several parks, picnic areas, playgrounds and toilets along the path, and most of the path is smooth red-stone bitumen, which is very user-friendly.


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