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Extra facilities at Ern Halliday

It's the "extras" that make a camp at Ern Halliday special. These include a meeting hall, lake area and scout area.

Ern Halliday - Cardinal meeting hall

Ern Halliday - Cardinal meeting hall

Conference and event areas

One of our latest additions to the camp is the Cardinal meeting hall. This building has two rooms – one (west side) slightly larger than the other (east side). There is a central partition which can be unlinked to make a larger room. The building has enough tables and chairs for 100 people, and has its own toilets.

Information and pricing

Lake area

The Lake areaThe lake area is a pleasant location for a picnic, or just for some time-out from a hectic camp.

With a small lake surrounded by grass and many varieties of coastal vegetation, the lake area is also used by a number of groups for debriefing sessions, meditation and other activities. The adventure tower and caving practice tunnels are also located within this area.

A local community model sailing and powerboat club have built a launch jetty at the lake, and groups on a weekend may see some small model yachts sailing around the island of the lake. There are some retaining-wall styled seating area with a couple of gazebos at the lake area, which may be utilised by groups in residence at the camp.  Formal booking of the lake area can be made for groups utilising the camp for day-programs.

Phone book icon Contact the camp directly on (08) 9492 9788 for more details.

Ern Halliday camp office

Ern Halliday Camp office

Our staff are based in the site office, located at the front entrance of the camp. All visitors to the site should register at the office on arrival. Group leaders can collect their keys from this office. Emergency contact numbers and a site map are posted alongside the front door.

Gumbooya Scout Area

Hidden away opposite the Cardinal Meeting Hall is the Gumbooya Scout Camping Area. This was the first camp site in the area, and could originally only be accessed by driving to Warwick Road, taking that road to the beach, and walking for a day up the coast to a small track that led inland to the camping area.

Gumbooya Scout areaSince those days, Perth has grown. The Gumbooya Scout Area still remains but now, the area exists as part of Ern Halliday Recreation Camp. The area has space for tents, a small fire-pit and a small hall. Use of the Gumbooya Area is limited to Scout and Guide groups, who make their enquiries through the Tuart Hill-Yokine Scout Group, honorary caretakers of the precinct. Access to the area may not be granted if there is a pre-existing booking of the Windmill Area, as these areas share toilets and ablutions. Users of the Gumbooya Area are not permitted to use any other facility within the camp, except for the windmill toilet and ablution block, and the beach track.

If Gumbooya users need to utilise other areas of the camp during their stay, they should make a separate booking through the DSR Camps Bookings Office on 9492 9999.

Phone book icon For more general information about this area, contact the Camp on 9492 9788.

Contact information

Ern Halliday Recreation Camp

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Administration and Bookings

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