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Ern Halliday Recreation Camp

Ern Halliday Recreation Camp is located on the beach in Perth's northern suburbs.

Ern Halliday Recreation Camp aerialModern trends in camping are towards a shorter duration and higher quality camp experience. The Ern Halliday Recreation Camp is becoming increasingly popular with a wide variety of groups in WA. Its proximity to Perth, range of accommodation styles, beach location and the amazing range of adventure programs on site make Ern Halliday one of the premier camps in our state.

Camps are also becoming more organised and less dangerous. Staff of Ern Halliday can assist the organisers with the preparation of a high quality, safe and successful camp.

Your stay at Ern Halliday


Ern Halliday Recreation Camp was opened in 1976 by what is now known as the Department of Sport and Recreation. The site was planned and built as a dedicated camp for groups of Western Australians. While the camp has always been popular with groups as an accommodation facility, it has only been in the past decade that the department has developed adventure programs on-site.

The popularity in adventure programs has brought about an increase in program facilities. The latest and most significant program to be developed by the camp to date is the artificial caving system. It is the first and only artificial caving system to be built in the Perth metro area. We are excited about this new facility and the benefits and education the community can gain from it.

Camp staff

The Ern Halliday Recreation Camp is administered through the Department of Sport and Recreation. The Camp Management team consists of:

Brett Poole

Ben Walton
Operations Manager

Stephen Morup
Accommodation Officer

Matthew Grace, Stephanie Brunton and Kylie Melrose
Senior Program Coordinators

There is a dedicated team of highly-qualified outdoor instructors who deliver and facilitate our adventure programs, together with a facilities and cleaning team who maintain and upkeep the camp buildings and grounds.

Sanctuary in the suburbs

This exciting camping complex is located on the beach in the northern suburb of Hillarys, Perth. The complex has three large dormitory camps, a picnic and tent campsite and one of the largest range of adventure programs in WA. Set within by 28 hectares of natural bush, this camp really is your "Sanctuary in the Suburbs".

The experience

The Ern Halliday Recreation Camp is more than a physical site available for group bookings. It is a special place where Western Australians of all ages can share in unique activities in an isolated living environment. Whether it’s the conquest of the first abseil, the team success of finding the 'lost pilot' or the wonderful feeling of sharing a campfire with new friends, Ern Halliday will be a rewarding experience.

Department of Education and Training (DET) guidelines

Most adventure recreation programs at Ern Halliday meet or exceed the DET guidelines for outdoor pursuits. In consideration of specific environments at the site, variations from the DET guidelines exist to increase safety.

NOTE: Ern Halliday management strongly recommend that all groups intending to use the beach book qualified aquatics supervisors through the camp for water safety. All groups should check with their governing bodies to make sure that their water safety is in accordance with official procedures.

The location

The Ern Halliday Recreation Camp is located on Whitfords Avenue, Hillarys, approximately 1.5km north of the Hillarys Marina. The site is identified in most roadmaps and is situated between Flinders Avenue and Angove Drive. If walking from Hillarys Marina, an underpass connects the camp to Whitfords Beach and an extensive network of dual use pathways.

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Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Department of Sport and Recreation is a licensed operator of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in WA. Ern Halliday runs Bronze Level Expeditions that comprises of a one day pre training day plus two days of expedition. This satisfies the Adventurous Journey component of the Bronze award for participants aged from 14–25.

The Bronze level expedition provides opportunities for participants to demonstrate enterprise, work as a member of a team, respond to challenges, develop self reliance, develop leadership skills, recognise strengths and weaknesses of self and others, make decisions and accept the consequences, plan and execute a task and reflect on personal performance.

The cost for the Bronze level Duke of Edinburgh Expedition plus training is kept to a minimum fee. For more information regarding the event or for registration details please call Ben Walton on (08) 9492 9790 or email

The Duke of Edinburgh’s vision is to encourage young people to have a go at something new, different and challenging.  For more information regarding the Award visit

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award website

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award website



Contact information

Ern Halliday Recreation Camp

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nullAddress: PO Box 80 HILLARYS WA 6923
nullTelephone: 08 9492 9788
nullFacsimile: 08 9402 3422
nullMobile: 0417 948 816

Administration and Bookings

nullCamps Bookings
nullAddress: 246 Vincent Street LEEDERVILLE WA 6007
nullAddress: PO Box 329 LEEDERVILLE WA 6903
nullTelephone: 08 9492 9999
nullFacsimile: 08 9492 9711

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