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Recreational Diving and Snorkeling Codes for Western Australia

These codes are the first of their kind in Western Australia and as such remain to be refined as part the development of an industry best practice model.

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Recreational Diving and Snorkeling Codes for Western AustraliaAuthority

The dive code is to be read in conjunction with relevant legislation and Australian Standards AS 4005 Training and certification of recreational divers.


The codes of practice apply to all locations where recreational diving and snorkelling are likely to occur. This is based on the understanding that there are inherent risks in underwater diving and snorkelling and that these must be appropriately managed to prevent incidents from occurring.

All workplaces are covered by the Occupational Health and Safety Act (1984) and this document attempts to benchmark minimal acceptable standards for assisting achieving compliance as well as best practice for the industry. The codes provide information on the responsibilities of those involved in recreational diving and snorkelling in the workplace.

Who should use this code of practice?

These codes of practice should be used by all persons who have responsibility for the safety and health of recreational divers and snorkellers in the workplace. The codes are primarily for dive tour operators, trainers and tour agents to inform them of their responsibilities to recreational divers and snorkellers.

Recreation diving1 in the diving code relates to the situation where an employer, or self employed person conducts a recreation dive as part of their business with the focus on minimal entry level diving.

These codes should also be a guide to recreational divers and snorkellers who are not in the workplace but who undertake diving and snorkelling as a leisure activity.

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