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Combat sports continue to grow throughout Western Australia, with fight promotions featuring boxing, muay thai, MMA (mixed martial arts), kickboxing and shooto contests being held regularly statewide.

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These sports are regulated by the Combat Sports Act 1987 and the Combat Sports Regulations 2013, which are administered by the Combat Sports Commission (CSC) of WA.

These laws have recently changed and as of 1 March 2013 new provisions will come into effect extending the coverage of the Combat Sports Act 1987 to include both professional and amateur combat sports.

Under this amended legislation all professional and amateur contestants and industry participants (promoters, managers, trainers, referees, judges and timekeepers) are required to register with the CSC.  These changes are aimed at safeguarding the health of contestants, reducing the potential for the transmission of blood borne diseases and ensuring that contests within Western Australia are run to a high standard.

Promoters are required to have a full understanding of their obligations as outlined in the Combat Sports Act 1987 and the Combat Sports Regulations 2013. They must also apply for a Promotion Permit for every event they hold in Western Australia, no less than 42 days prior to an event (which can be downloaded from the forms and fees page).

Ban on the use of fenced enclosures in Western Australia

From 1 March 2013 a ban on the use of fenced enclosures for MMA contests will come into effect.  Under section 62A of the Combat Sports Act 1987 the Minister must approve all rules for combat sports contests in Western Australia.  On this occasion the Government has approved the rules for MMA however has not approved the parts of the rules that relate to the use of a fenced enclosure.  The Combat Sports Commission supports the use of fenced enclosures for MMA contests but will abide by this decision.

Contact the commission

Combat Sports Commission
Department of Sport and Recreation
246 Vincent Street, LEEDERVILLE WA 6007
Telephone (08) 9492 9700
Facsimile (08) 9492 9711
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