Every Club

Every Club is the newest club support program delivered by the department.

Since 2001, sport and recreation clubs in WA have had access to information and advice on how to start up a club or run and grow their club. Every Club is the latest program and will provide every club in the State with access to best practice resources on how to make their club succeed.

WA community sporting and recreation clubs are run by passionate volunteers, who are always looking for ways to improve their clubs but don’t always know where to start. The new Every Club program has come from community sporting club volunteers and local governments telling us what they need. We have responded to these ideas and will use the latest thinking and tools to deliver club support tools to the entire State.

Whether it is bookkeeping, how to run a club Facebook page, engaging your members through social media, ideas for fundraising and better financial management, improved committee meetings or any of the other hundreds of small tasks club volunteers want to master – Every Club will be a one-stop shop for anyone to access.

Every Club provides resources that anyone can access, at any time, for the specific needs of their local club.

Every Club infographic with description of the content below

State Sporting Association (SSA) and local government training

Clubs in WA have access to some well run, supportive local governments and State Sporting Associations. Through a review of the training needs of these support staff, we’ll be making sure that the people there to help you are up to date with the latest ideas and ways to help support clubs.

Templates, case studies and online training

Via the online hub, new resources, templates and guidelines will be provided to help support clubs.  Volunteers will learn more on how to run their clubs more efficiently and effectively.  The information will also be specific to WA, making sure it reflects local laws and the things that make Western Australia unique.

Linking clubs to SSAs

A number of State Sporting Associations have developed their own top quality club support programs. We don’t want to confuse volunteers and clubs, so we’ll be making sure clubs know where to find the best source of information. This might be from the Every Club information hub or from the sport specific program. All clubs will be covered regardless of the size of their State Sporting Association.

Club health check

This online health check for club is a very successful online tool that has already been used hundreds of WA clubs. We will be making sure more clubs know about the opportunity and by taking the test, they’ll know where their club excels and where their club can improve.

Club support funding

Funding will be provided to the organisations that deliver club support services throughout WA. While we won’t be able to fund every initiative in every region, we will make sure that as many clubs as possible will benefit. The types of programs eligible could include; upskilling existing organisational staff, delivering training for clubs or actioning new and wide reaching club support opportunities. We know there are a lot of other great ideas out there so stay tuned for more information.

Networking workshops

We’ll be creating an environment and opportunity for leaders in the club support world to come together and share ideas and grow networks for the benefit of every club in WA. The Every Club Network will facilitate training, information sharing and recognition of best practice. The network will be State-wide and be delivered by face to face opportunities and online coverage.

Club Business Workshops

Targeted at clubs and volunteers, these specially designed training workshops will improve skills and knowledge on key topics as well as where to access information. A variety of tools will be used, including face to face workshops, webinars and self-paced online training. These workshops are about responding to the needs of clubs in more locations throughout WA.

New online resources hub

An online resource hub that will enable clubs, volunteers, State Sporting Associations and local government to access relevant and reliable club support information. This could range from club guides, resources, links to other sites and sport specific information. Online training will also be available at this hub, and the latest face to face workshops will also be advertised. The hub will be simple to navigate and built to help clubs.