Club secretary

The roles and responsibilities of the Secretary vary greatly from club to club and experienced secretaries will tell you that their duties often expand beyond what is normally expected of the Secretary.

Responsibilities and duties

The Secretary should:

  • prepare the agenda for club/group meetings in consultation with the chairperson;
  • make arrangements including venue, date, times and hospitality for club meetings;
  • send adequate notice of the meetings;
  • collect and collate reports from office bearers;
  • call for and receive nominations for committees and other positions for the club/group AGM;
  • take the minutes of meetings;
  • write the minutes as soon as possible after the meeting;
  • read, reply and file correspondence promptly;
  • collate and arrange for the printing of the annual report;
  • maintain registers of members’ names and addresses, life members and sponsors.
  • maintain files of legal documents such as constitutions, leases and titles
  • act as the public officer of your club/group liaising with members of the public, affiliated bodies and government agencies
  • with associations – process/transfer applications, enter teams in competitions, represent your club/group at association meetings, obtain association sanction for club/group events, communicate information between association and club/group members (such as event deadlines)
  • other tasks – handle bookings and entries, supervise uniforms, respond to general duties as directed by the club/group committee