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Caving is cool at Ern Halliday camp

Ern Halliday Recreation Camp's unique caving system, the only one of its kind in Perth, has experienced a cool change with the installation of a roof.

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20 January 2012

The exterior of the cave showing the new roof.Since its opening in 2007, thousands of participants have enjoyed the 280 metre dark, challenging and close environment of the artificial caving system. The cave tunnels are a combination of two stacked 40 foot sea container mazes, linked with concrete cast road pipes, culverts and tunnels ranging from over two metres in diameter to some 375 millimetres – a tight squeeze indeed!

To maintain a cooler environment (like a real cave) the Ern Halliday team recently contracted H&J Fencing & Patios to design and build a 100mm thick roof over the sea container maze. The roof provides a 1.2m overhang on all sides, giving great shade and protection to the structure.

Our many thanks to Hamish and Justin for getting the works done before the full summer heat arrived. As evidenced by the photo, the camp is now midway through a painting program, which will further assist in heat control during the summer program months. Now how can we build some stalactites?