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Bickley Camp Client Information Pack

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Bickley Camp Client Information Pack

The experience

The Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp (Bickley Camp) is more than a physical site available for group bookings. It is a special place where Western Australians of all ages can participate in unique and exciting activities in a tranquil bush setting. Whether it is the conquest of the first abseil, the team success of building a raft or sharing a campfire with your peers, your time at Bickley camp will be an adventure to remember.

Purpose of this guide

Recreation camping in Western Australia continues to be a popular leisure alternative for small to large groups from a range of sectors. The Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) in its current and past forms (including the National Fitness Council; Community Recreation Council; Recreation Camps and Reserves Board; and Ministry for Youth, Sport and Recreation) has provided accommodation-based camping facilities for the public of WA since 1945, when the Bickley Camp was opened in Orange Grove. Bickley Camp is becoming increasingly popular with a wide variety of groups in WA. Camps are also becoming increasingly risk-managed with staff in charge having moral and legal obligations to fulfil. The purpose of this guide is to assist organisers with the preparation of a high quality, safe and successful visit at Bickley Camp.

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