South West

WA map showing the South WestThe South West is probably one of the most diverse, active and well-serviced regions in the State.

People of the South West regard community facilities to be important, complementing the process of economic development and helping to attract workers.

Sport and recreation ranges from competitive individual or team sports, to more passive activities, like enjoying a stroll on the beach or bush walking on one of the many scenic forest trails.

Excellent sport and recreation facilities have been built throughout the region. There are indoor aquatic centres in Australind, Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Donnybrook and Manjimup, along with indoor multi-purpose recreation centres located in most towns.

The Department provides:

  • Advice on infrastructure and club development
  • Workshops and seminars on coaching (via the South West Coaches Network)

The South West is a nursery for many state and national team members across a variety of sports, helped by the establishment of the first regional academy, the South West Academy of Sport, in 2008.

Flagship Projects in the South West

There are three unique flagship projects which are to being progressed to address a specific regional need or priority and in most cases will involve strong collaboration with other stakeholders, both within the department and externally. These may be a discrete body of work or provide an on-going focus during the year.

Early Years Physical Activity

Expand on findings from AEDI report two stages:

Initiate pilot project/s that focuses on increasing the understanding of the importance of being physically active. the stakeholders involved are the Departments' of Sport and Recreation, Education and Health as well as Natureplay.

Capacity Building for Clubs and Coaches

Manage and Implementation of Club Development Strategic Plan

Leadership and support of key objectives:

  • Survey findings
  • Educational opportunities
  • Conduct of Workshop / Forums
  • Management of CDO scheme
  • Stakeholders – DSR, SSA, RSA, Local Clubs & Associations and LGA’s

Planning for the future population growthPlanning for the Future

Compile Lower South West Sports Facilities Plan (2014/15)

Compile Vasse Sports Facilities Plan (2015/16)

 Stakeholders – DSR, LGA’s, RDA, SWDC & Dept of Planning

Regional stakeholders

The Department works closely with a range of stakeholders in the South West region. These include local governments, the South West Development Commission, State Government agencies and not for profit organisations.

Local government in South West include:

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