Sport and recreation in regional WA

Our Department provides a vital service to regional communities across the State.

Through local partnerships, people and organisational development projects, as well as the provision of funding support for facilities and programs, our eleven offices across nine regions play an important role in the provision of sport and recreation opportunities in regional WA.

Our Department’s regional staff contribute to a broad range of agendas in partnership with regional development commissions, other State Government agencies, local government and non-government organisations.

Engagement with Regional Development stakeholders is a particular a focus of the Regional Service. As each Regional Development Commission develops its Regional Investment Blueprint, the Department is working to ensure sport and recreation is positioned so that future investment decisions ensure liveable regional communities and support healthy and active lifestyles.

In addition to funding provided through the Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund, the KidSport initiative and the Club Development Officer Scheme, funding is also distributed to sport and recreation organisations and local governments under the Department’s Regional Grants Scheme. This scheme aims to build the capacity of regional sport and recreation associations and clubs, support regional initiatives and local events.

The management of the State Government’s Royalties for Regions investment through the Department is also a priority, through the expansion of the Regional Talent Development Network and the implementation of the Community Sporting Club Equipment Subsidy Scheme and the Athlete Travel Subsidy Scheme.

Regional Sportshouses

Through funding from the Sports Lotteries Account, the Department provides free office accommodation to regional Sport and Recreation Development Personnel (paid and volunteer) in 10 offices. The aim of the Sportshouse model is to support sport and recreation organisations in the delivery of their development services to Regional WA.